Self Storage Lease Agreement

The following Self Storage Lease Agreement applies to any and all self storage and/or rv storage facilities owned, operated and controlled by Property Owner.

This Self Storage Lease Agreement is made part of and included as though fully set forth therein, as follows:

1. Lessee agrees that the relationship between the Lessor and the Lessee created by this Lease Agreement is that of Lessor and Lessee and not that of bailor-bailee and that Lessor shall have no care, custody or control of Lessee or Lessee’s property. This is a self-storage facility, and Lessee is solely responsible for the self storage of its property and rented space.

2. Lessee agrees to pay first month’s rent as stated on reverse, in full. If Lessee moves in after the 20th day of the month the proration of that month and the next full month shall be due, along with a deposit upon signing of this lease. All subsequent monthly rental will be due on or before the first of each month. Lessee agrees to pay all applicable rental or sales tax, if any. Lessor shall have the sole option to apply any or all of the deposit to any delinquent rental. Lessee shall immediately make repayment to Lessor for all or any portion of the deposit so applied, which repayment shall be made immediately on receipt of demand from Lessor. Failure of the Lessee to pay rental on or before the 10th day of the month shall cause an additional sum of rent to be due, not less than $5.00 or more than $10.00. Payment with a check which is returned from the Lessee’s bank shall cause a $10.00 service fee to be added to the rental due, plus any fees charged by Lessor’s agent of record in the collection of returned checks. Lessor may terminate this lease upon three (3) days written notice by regular mail to Lessee’s home address identified on the front page of this lease agreement in the event Lessee fails to pay any rent, late charges, repayment of applied deposit or a returned check when due. Lessee shall not assign this rental agreement or sublet the whole or any portion of the space rented without the expressed written consent of the Lessor. The Lessor shall not increase the rental due hereunder except on 20 days written notice by regular mail to the last known address of Lessee.

3. Lessee hereby agrees to comply with all existing laws and will not store any inflammable, combustible or other dangerous materials, nor use the storage space for unlawful purposes. Lessee agrees and grants Lessor, Lessor’s agents, or representatives of any governmental authority including police and fire officials, the right to remove Lessee’s lock and enter the storage space, without notice to Lessee, and take such action as may be necessary or appropriate to preserve the premises, to comply with existing law or to enforce any of Lessor’s rights.

4. Lessee, at Lessee’s own expense, is responsible for insuring his property, and assumes all risk of loss to stored property. In the event of any loss due to fire, water, natural disaster, theft, vandalism, or any other cause to the space or any other object stored at the self-storage facility and/or the contents thereof, the Lessee shall look solely to its insurance coverage and shall make no claims whatsoever against the Lessor. Lessee expressly agrees that the carrier of any such insurance on Lessee’s property shall not be subrogated to any claim of Lessee against Lessor, its agents or employees. Lessee further agrees that Lessor shall be free from all liabilities and claims for personal injury to Lessee and Lessee’s invitees. Further, Lessor shall not be liable to any person(s) for loss or damage to property of any kind whatsoever and to whom so ever belonging. Lessee agrees to save and hold Lessor harmless from any liability, loss, cost or obligation on account of or arising out of any such injuries or losses however occurring, including losses caused by Lessor’s active or passive negligence. Lessee hereby indemnifies Lessor against any liability, claims, expense or damages, including reasonable attorneys’ fees, which Lessor may incur by reason of damage or injury caused to Lessor, its employees, agents, Lessees, or invitees, resulting from or connected with lessee’s access to the Self Storage Facility or use of the leased space. Lessee expressly acknowledges that Lessor does not warrant or represent that property stored in the leased space will be safe from loss or damage, including theft, fire or other casualty of any kind.

5. Lessee agrees that the use of his space shall in no way interfere with the use of the Lessor or any other Lessee, or any of the site premises. Lessee agrees that Lessee will not, in any way, place any item or material outside the space, or make or allow to be made, any unlawful, improper or offensive use of the space, and that the space will be kept locked at all times.

6. This lease may be terminated by five (5) days notice by either party. Lessee must leave space in good condition, and is responsible for all damages. All goods and property stored and kept by the Lessee in the space the day following the day of termination of this lease shall be considered abandoned, and Lessor shall have the right to remove the property in order to re-rent the storage space. All goods and property stored in the space on the 10th day following the date that any rental or other charges herein provided to be paid by the Lessee remains delinquent and unpaid shall be considered abandoned, and Lessee agrees that Lessor shall have the right to deny access to the contents of said space, or deny access through the gate until such time as lessee has made payment of the total rent and the late charges, together with any other charges and costs, including but not limited to attorney’s fees, to and including the date of said payment.

7. Lessee agrees that Lessor shall have a lien on all stored goods or property and shall have the right to sell said goods and personal property, after sixty (60) days, pursuant to the laws of the State of Idaho and to apply any proceeds of the sale in payment of said delinquent rental, charges, costs and attorney’s fees. Lessee shall be notified of such sale at least ten (10) days prior to the sale by certified mail to the address noted on the front of this lease agreement or to Lessee at the address provided in writing by Lessee as a change of address. Lessor shall cause to be published the name of the delinquent Lessee and the date and location of the sale at least once a week for two weeks prior to the date of the sale. Lessee warrants that all goods and personal property placed by Lessee in the space hereby rented by lessee shall be Lessee’s own property. In the event that the provisions of this paragraph are invoked, Lessee agrees to hold Lessor harmless in the event that Lessor takes possession of and/or sells property in the space which belongs to any person other than Lessee.

8. Lessee shall be entitled, upon termination of this agreement and the tenancy herein provided, to a refund of the deposit, provided Lessee has given the required five (5) day notice of vacate and also provided that the Lessee is not in default of any obligation or performance thereunder, that the premises are left in a clean condition and that no portion of the premises or any other property of the Lessor has been damaged by Lessee. No partial month prepaid rent will be refundable. Lessor shall be entitled to retain said deposit if these conditions are not met by Lessee, and if deposit is insufficient to provide for repairs or cleaning, Lessor may bring any action necessary against Lessee for the balance due. Lessee shall assume responsibility for damage to doors, metal siding, interior walls, cement floors, hasps or any other portion of the area identified as Lessee’s space.

9. Lessee agrees that Lessor shall have the right to terminate this lease upon three (3) days written notice, mailed to Lessee’s address as noted on the front of this lease agreement, or subsequent written change of address by Lessee, if tenant is in default of this agreement for rents or fees due, or at Lessor’s sole discretion if facility rules are not adhered to, or if the safety, care and cleanliness of the premises are in jeopardy by Lessee’s actions.

10. LESSEE MAY NOT USE SAID STORAGE SPACE FOR RESIDENTIAL PURPOSES. Lessee may not use the leased space for the operation of any business, garage sale, for residential purposes, or for human or animal occupancy. Lessee hereby agrees that said space will not be used for these purposes.

11. The covenants herein shall extend to and be binding upon the parties hereto, their heirs, executors and assigns. All remedies herein given and all rights and remedies now in existence or hereinafter given to Lessor by law or equity shall be cumulative and concurrent. Lessee agrees to abide by all rules and regulations of the storage facility as may be promulgated by the Lessor from time to time.

ACCEPTANCE: By submitting your payment constitutes acceptance of this Self Storage Lease Agreement.

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